"I had being trying unsuccessfully to fall pregnant for nearly three years when I was recommended to Trevor Wing through a friend. I had 'unexplained infertility' and could not get any answers as to why I was not getting my period nor was able to fall pregnant. The frustration that I felt after trying fertility drugs, several months of follicle tracking, acupuncture etc was immense and I was beginning to despair that I would ever have the children that I so desperately wanted. Trevor and Olga immediately put me at ease and I felt that I had finally found a place that could give me some answers. Trevor prescribed herbal medicine  and did warn me that I would probably have to undergo IVF if I didn't fall pregnant naturally in the next few months. He also told me to take the medicine and try and forget about getting pregnant while I recovered enough to fall pregnant. Amazingly within two months, my periods came back after years of not getting them and I began to cycle normally. Six months later I was pregnant with my first child, but I was terrified of miscarriage as I wasn't sure if I would ever get pregnant again. I had weekly blood tests until 10 / 12 weeks which gave me peace of mind as I knew that I was doing everything I could to give my pregnancy the best chance of going full term. I had a wonderful pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy baby boy who has given us so much joy. 

When I decided that I would like to try for a second but had had no luck after a few months I went back to Trevor. He again prescribed different herbal medicine to help me conceive and within weeks I was pregnant again. I have just recently given birth to my second son.  Both Trevor and Olga are exceptionally helpful and calm, and have always been there to help me with advice if I need it. I really appreciate all their help and obvious passion for what they do and am immensely grateful that I found The Women's Natural Health Practice as it literally changed both my and my husband's lives"

- Janet  (London, UK)  

"I had a single - as it turned out, very blessedly timed - consultation with Trevor in 2011. I had been happy to wait a few months to see Trevor as he had been recommended to me. My own cycle monitoring over several months had revealed a likely short luteal phase, so I was expecting to use the appointment to consider how to try and address the problem so I could conceive. However, much to my amazement, I found out the day prior to the appointment that I was pregnant, so my question instead became "how can I sustain this pregnancy?". I felt that Trevor endeavoured to carefully appreciate even peripheral contextual details of the problem in an individualised manner - I did not at any stage feel that a standard protocol of assessment was being followed so I did not leave the consultation feeling something might have been missed. Trevor indicated what he suspected the problem may be, and recommended weekly blood tests to keep an eye on things, and sure enough, things began to deteriorate steadily across several weeks. Subsequently, I had some simple, non-invasive treatment, seeing improvement after a week. Within a few weeks I was able to stop treatment as the first trimester came to an end. Now, as I type, I am just one day away from my due date and can't wait to meet my first child!. I do believe that I was very blessed with the timing of the consultation with Trevor, and I thank the Practice for its thorough, holistic and individual approach to investigating and treating fertility issues.. Whilst I can never be sure how things might have turned out if I had not seen Trevor and no intervention had taken place, I am not convinced that standard healthcare could have provided me with the early stage monitoring and treatment based on my concerns. My own personal view is that this made all the difference."

- Lisa  (Hertfordshire, UK)  

I would like to echo everything that every other person has written about Trevor and his team. Trevor has been an amazing in helping to support me with my quest to conceive over the last 3 years.  Although I did decide to go down the IVF route, Trevor has been with me every step of the way: prescribing Chinese herbs and backed up with informative emails responding to my many questions.  I did manage to conceive in June 2010 (triplet pregnancy) and since then Trevor has been a constant source of reassurance.  He has continued to monitor my early pregnancy, up to 16 weeks, to help reduce the chances of miscarriage and has made me feel so much more relaxed!  Trevor's patience is second to none and he will always be happy to answer any worries or concerns you may have.  I have to say from the moment you step into the consultation room you feel in very safe hands as Trevor has a natural calmness and kindness about him.  I cannot recommend The Women's Natural Health Clinic highly enough"

- Charlotte  (London, UK)  

"My wife Tracy had had 5 miscarriages, then a midwife recommended Trevor. After tests and a subsequent course of Herbs (with Tracy found much more tolerable than chemical injections a 'Harley Street Doctors' had prescribed), we were advised to take 6 months off. A few months after this Tracy was pregnant and with the fantastic support or Trevor and Olga, we now have a fantastic boy, and a subsequent pregnancy then progressed normally (again with support from the centre). The attitude of the staff is completely different from normal. We feel that as Trevor did not go through the usual medical training, he seems to be able to present the information and support you in a totally different way. In fact, it seems that Trevor has a healthy obsession to be totally informed of the latest research within both the Western and Eastern Medical spheres. I love parenthood, so thanks, we owe you!" 

- Phil, Tracy, Ptolemy & Berenice  (Bovey Tracy, Devon, UK)  

"I had to have my first pregnancy terminated following complications diagnosed as a result of the nuchal scan at 12 weeks.  After that we struggled to conceive, so after 18 months I went to see Trevor and his team, who had been highly recommended to me.  Within a couple of weeks Trevor had diagnosed the problem and put me on a course of Chinese herbs.  At the end of only one month of taking the herbs I discovered I was pregnant.  It was so thrilled and amazed but still anxious after my previous experience, which was exacerbated by the time it had taken to become pregnant again.  However, Trevor and Olga were a constant source of reassurance, and monitored my early pregnancy up to 9 weeks with scans and blood tests to help reduce the chances of miscarriage and made me feel so much calmer!  Even though I am now being looked after by an NHS antenatal department, I still keep Trevor updated with the results of scans and blood tests and he maintains a very supportive role in my pregnancy, which is invaluable emotionally.  Both Trevor and Olga are calm, knowledgeable and reassuring, and it was wonderful to find a practice which combines ultrasound diagnostic methods with natural, holistic methods of treatment.  From the moment I stepped into the consultation room I felt in very safe hands and that they were really interested in helping me.  I cannot recommend The Women's Natural Health Clinic highly enough"

- Virginia (London, UK)  

"I went to Trevor in despair having suffered a miscarriage and having struggled since then to conceive. From the moment I met Trevor and his excellent scanning nurse Olga I felt cared for emotionally and in a very grounded practical way.  I never felt I was being told things just because I wanted to hear them, and was always talked to in a way that assumed that I was intelligent enough to process the detailed information that I really longed for. There is a calm confidence about the staff at the Women's Natural Health Centre that is incredibly holding: it makes you feel safe in their hands. I am now pregnant with a longed for baby and feel that Trevor and Olga and all at the Women's Natural Health Practice have helped me immeasurably on that journey. 

- Sophie (London, UK)  

"I feel incredibly honored to have met a man who has changed my life with the gift of a child. I had been trying for seven years to conceive with no luck, and had failed an IVF treatment. I was part of the ‘unexplained infertility’ group, and had just lost the last bit of strength and hope left in my body. My acupuncturist had mentioned that she knew of someone who would be able to give me the answers I needed about my fertility health, and urged me to see Trevor Wing. I am forever grateful to you, Debbie!. I have to say I was somewhat nervous to give myself new hope with Chinese medicine, so I had to temper my excitement with caution after each visit. The miracle journey had begun, and within a very short time my tentative hopes had turned into obvious physical changes in my body. Every stage was explained and monitored. After two months I heard the words I thought I would never hear: I was ready to try and conceive naturally! The following month, I was pregnant!. I'm a few weeks away from the birth of my first child and I can only shout from the hills that I'm truly blessed with the dedication, knowledge, and comfort I found in Trevor Wing.

Don't look any further - your answer is here!

 - Carol (London, UK)  

"Since visiting the Women's Natural Health Practice my condition has improved considerably.  After years of trying many other specialists and making almost no improvement, it is huge relief to lead a more normal life without the unmanageable pain and distress each month."

  - Tessa (London, UK)

"I have found The Women's Natural Health Practice to be the essence in which to achieve balance in body, mind and emotion.  Following each visit I am lifted, energized yet relaxed, in the knowledge that these three elements (body, mind, emotion) are working together to create a fruitful and healthy existence."

  - Johanna (Melbourne, Australia)

"I've been treated wonderfully by everyone at your practice! You have helped me in so many ways, and never hesitate in asking questions about my further health. You've helped me feel better as a woman, and I am so much more aware of myself! You've always answered all my questions, and I feel safe coming to you with complaints and concerns. Overall, I have never been treated better or with more respect!"

  - Maaike (Paris, France)

"Meeting Trevor Wing changed my life. I can hardly believe the results after just one month. For years I suffered severe menstrual pain. After seeing many doctors and trying a variety of diets, I was beginning to believe that there was nothing I could do to ease the monthly discomfort. For the first time in my life I experienced the complete absence of pain. I feel like a different person. Thank you so very much."

  - Nerise (Cape Town, South Africa)

 "After a termination due to severe chromosomal problems and several miscarriages meeting Trevor gave me hope again.  The mixture of Chinese medicine with the ultrasound meant I could see and understand what was happening to my body each month, plus consultations were a pleasure with no clock ticking and Trevor's infinite patience with all my questions. With Trevor's help I was diagnosed with high NK cells and was thus able to follow a treatment plan that has allowed me to have my beautiful daughter who is now 6 months and is perfect. I would recommend anyone trying for a baby to visit even just to ensure everything is in working order."

  - Fiona (Surrey, UK)

"I first came across Trevor whilst pregnant, researching possible non-invasive treatment for a large fibroid, diagnosed at my 12 week scan.  After miscarrying at 17 weeks, I booked my appointment to see Trevor.  It was wonderful to be treated like a human being at last.  Trevor gave me hope that my fibroid might after all be treatable without surgery, so I was very cautiously excited to start taking the herbal medicine he prescribed.  Exactly a month later I found myself in hospital being treated for severe bleeding and anaemia and when it turned out that the reason for this was, that, with the help of Trevor’s medicine, I was giving birth to the fibroid, I was overjoyed.  Until that point, I was facing a future where I would never have a normal pregnancy and give birth normally, something that was so important to me.  Suddenly, I had my life and my womb back, without the surgeon’s knife anywhere near me.  It’s no exaggeration to say it felt like a real life miracle.  Trevor continues to keep in contact with me to make sure everything is getting back to normal and he has always been on hand to patiently give advice and answer any little query.  I never hesitate to recommend Trevor and hope I will be back under his care in the not too distant future, for my next pregnancy.  Having been through such a traumatic experience with my first pregnancy, I am totally confident about future pregnancies as I know I will be in Trevor’s safe and caring hands."

  - Nina (London, UK)

"I spent most of my 20s being told by doctors that I would need medical help to get pregnant, that the only cure for my irregular periods was to go on the pill and that my severe period pains were normal. I had been diagnosed with PCOS when i was 21 but I also had bad endometriosis which went undiagnosed until I met Trevor. I finally thought that there had to be another way to solve these problems and that I wasn't just going to give in to western medicine's approach; which does not seek to cure but just to treat the symptoms with drugs. With this in mind I found an acupuncturist who specialised in ob-gyn and fertility. After several treatments with her which improved things slightly, she recommended I visit Trevor who would be able to use his ultrasound equipment to gain a better picture of what was happening and who could also prescribe me tailor made Chinese herbal medicine. I remember how different Trevor's response was to my 'problem's' compared to every other doctor's I had met. He seemed quietly confident that I didn't have anything that wasn't treatable and ultimately 'fixable'. His manner was so relaxed and professional that I felt in very good hands. If I'm honest though, I didn't really believe him as I had become so used to being told that conceiving would be difficult if not impossible. Within 4 months I had a normal cycle and was ovulating, I felt good and balanced in myself and could not believe that I had waited so long before trying something 'alternative'. Then to top it all off I got pregnant in November completely by accident (I told you I didn't believe it could happen!). It was the most fantastic pregnancy and we now have a beautiful baby girl. When I look at her I cannot believe how easy it all was compared to what I had always imagined it would be like. I would never have conceived naturally and I'm sure my GP would have recommended clomid or an expensive course of IVF. Now, whenever I meet anyone who has PCOs or fertility problems I point them towards Trevor without hesitation."

  - Sarah (London, UK)

"When I first met Trevor, I had  been told I was in the middle of a miscarriage that was "99% certain to go the  full course". Heartbroken after several other miscarriages, I had been  recommended to see Trevor as I had found the sort it's just how it is'  reasons for miscarriages infuriating. I shall never forget the moment when  Trevor scanned my tummy and said "This baby's still alive" and he swung the  screen round to show a minute bean-shaped blob with a twinkling spec at the  centre which was the baby's heart. All through the pregnancy we called our  unborn baby Twinkle because of that amazing moment. Knowing my  history, Trevor prescribed a Chinese Medicine formula to prevent me from  miscarrying this baby. I now have a bouncing 6 month old little girl who I  know would not be here if it wasn't for Trevor. I had spent years researching  miscarriages and had been for a great deal of alternative therapy, but I had  not come across this treatment until Trevor administered it. Trevor's  expertise in both alternative and traditional medicine makes him, in my  opinion,  unique. His kind, yet honest manner made the rollercoaster of  my pregnancy feel less precarious than it could have been. I came to love the  visits to his practice, not only because I got to see my growing baby, but  because I could say or ask anything and know I would be met with total honesty  and complete support. Me and my family will be eternally endebted to him -  no-one more so than my daughter. Thanks so much for everything."

  - Danielle (London, UK)

"I have been receiving acupuncture for a number of years and luckily I recently came across Trevor Wing. I am delighted to have found someone who is so knowledgeable, so wise and of course a true professional. I see Trevor as the 'medicine man' - I feel so much better in so many ways after his treatments. He is highly talented, takes a caring & holistic approach to health and well-being. The fact that he is so well qualified and intelligent invokes even greater confidence in him."

  - Connie (London, UK)

"I had almost lost hope when l met Trevor who encouraged me to go ahead with the treatment he prescribed. Trevor is so professional and at the same time absolutely 'informal' which made me relaxed any time l was with him. He is caring and understanding, treats patients with respect and very sympathetic. I couldn't believe it when l was told to pay my bills at the end of the month and not instantly (after consultation and treatment)! He also graciously gave me students rate which is half the price even though l had deferred my course due to the infertility problems l was facing. He is such a kind person and one out of a million.
I had met a lot of Doctors within 5 years with no success but l became pregnant after a few months of treatment at the Women's Natural Health Practice. I am now 7 months pregnant with a healthy baby boy, thanks to Trevor who allowed God to use him to bring peace, hope and joy into my life. l am so grateful."

  - Millie (London, UK)

"I was initially surprised to have found a female healthcare practice which applies a natural, holistic approach, but I was even more surprised to have found a physician who takes a sincere and active interest in increasing my knowledge of my body and is fully supportive of my desire to learn and take responsibility for my health. The Women's Natural Health Practice has given me so much more understanding of my cycles and reproductive system. I wish more practices treated their patients with as much respect."

  - Elke (Munich, Germany)

"The Women's Natural Health Practice has given me more of an understanding of why my body (and mind) had reacted after breast cancer.  I was treated with kindness and consideration and was able to discuss things that my GP and consultant really didn't have answers for.  However, the most important thing of all you have taught me that it really is OK to have a bit of time for ME.  Thank you."

  - Jane (Dorset, UK)

"Although I have only managed two treatments with you I know how much better I felt after each time. I felt much calmer and more relaxed and as if someone had really listened to me for the first time. G.P's are overworked and have little or no time to hear what a patient has to say. I just wish I could make the journey more regularly."

  - Jennifer (Essex, UK)

"I was very nervous when a man I did not know asked me to remove most of my clothes in order for him to stick needles (of which I am not very fond) into me. However, I was made to feel totally at ease throughout the procedure, and despite waiting for the 'pain' it never came! I went on and had further treatment, without worrying at all!"

  - Wendy (Cheshire, UK)


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