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Your initial consultation will be for 1 hour. Subsequent treatment or consultation sessions are usually 30 minutes, but can be longer depending on the nature of treatment you are receiving. The number of treatments given and treatment frequency will depend on the condition being treated. We will take card details to secure your appointment booking. NO charge will be made to this card unless you do not attend the appointment or cancel with insufficient notice. You will receive a separate invoice by email after your appointment.

A standard face to face appointment usually lasts 30mins and is booked for 45mins to allow for notes to be transferred into the practice management system once patient leaves. Should the patient take up the full 45mins, we do not make an extra charge for this.

A standard telephone consultation is also booked for 45mins as it requires at least 10mins to review patient notes, then the telephone consult itself and then a further 10-15mins for notes to be transferred into the practice management system. An office visit consultation is usually perceived to be better “value for money” as the doctor devotes the whole half hour to the patient but still has the admin to do after patient leaves.

  • All fees and and some medicines are excluding VAT.
  • Herbal medicine and lab test costs are charged in addition to consultation fees.
  • Ultrasound scan fees apply in addition to the consultation fees.
  • Consultation fees, incl. the initial consultation are reduced by 50% for full time students (proof of student status is required).
  • Should you need to change or cancel your appointment, please do so a minimum of 2 working days (Monday-Friday) prior to your appointment, as we have a waiting list and this slot can then be offered to someone else. A cancellation fee of half the appointment fee will be charged for any appointments cancelled with less notice and the full appointment fee if you do not attend your appointment.
A number of health insurance companies will reimburse your consultation fees on presentation of our invoice (they tend not to cover herbal medicine costs). Unfortunately still some insurance companies will only accept private conventional medicine treatments. The health insurance companies who we are currently affiliated with are:



Foresters (

Groupama (

PruHealth (

Standard Life Healthcare (

Westfield (


Consultation Fees UK Pounds
Initial consultation (one hour) 225.00
Follow-up appointment consultation fee (Up to 30 mins) 60.00
Follow-up appointment consultation fee (Up to  60 mins) 120.00
Telephone and email consultations (including case note review and updates) 60.00

Pregnancy Ultrasound Services UK Pounds
Pregnancy Dating Scan - single pregnancy (week 6 on) 150.00
Early pregnancy assurance scan - single pregnancy (week 4 on) 150.00
Anomaly scan (single pregnancy) 230.00
Anomaly scan (twin pregnancy) 300.00
Cervical competency assessment (week 24 on) 150.00
Growth scan, inc Doppler assessment  (single pregnancy) 170.00
Growth scan, inc Doppler assessment  (twin pregnancy) 220.00
Post partum 6 week assessment scan 150.00
Women's Health Services UK Pounds
Pelvic gynaecological ultrasound scan 200.00
Contraceptive Diaphragm & Cervical Cap fitting (exc: follow-up fit check) 80.00
Thyroid ultrasound scan 150.00
Follicle tracking IVF ultrasound scan 150.00
Abdominal ultrasound scan 150.00
Breast ultrasound  scan 150.00

Consultation fees, ultrasound exam fees, pharmacy charges and lab costs are invoiced following your visit and can be settled with sterling currency, UK cheques, direct internet bank transfers, Paypal and we accept all major credit cards.  Payment terms are net 30 days after invoice date.

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Standard Programs
Below are the standard programs offered at the practice in addition to individual visit consultations. .
  • Natural Family Planning Tuition Program
    4 sessions, 1 one hour training, then follow-up coaching sessions at end of each cycle for 3 cycles (price includes BBT digital thermometer, recording charts and instructions in hardcopy and on floppy disc).
  • Contraceptive Diaphragm & Cervical Cap fitting
    1.5 hours fitting and training (80.00) then one follow-up fit check and coaching sessions 4-6 weeks after initial fitting (40.00), Diaphragms and caps and spermicides are supplied but at additional cost.
  • Monitored Cycle Fertility Assessment
    A series of tests and examinations at different times in a normal menstrual cycle to assess female fertility levels. The assessment also includes a semen analysis for your male partner if appropriate.  There is no standard charge as each monitored cycle is different depending on your gynaecology history. Monitored Cycle Fact Sheet

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Pharmacy Charges
Any medicines you are prescribed will be prepared by our pharmacy. Most oral medicines are in tablet or capsule form which are sent to you in the mail. If you are prescribed standard formulas, these are already prepared into tablets and these will often be supplied to you at the time of your first visit. Pharmacy charges are usually in the region of 50.00 for 4 weeks supply. We supply many other female health medicines, supplements and devices. A detailed pharmacy price list can be send by email or post on request and will be automatically sent to you in your patient registration pack if you plan to attend the practice.
For online pharmacy product order requests, please visit Prescription Refills.


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