Healthy women show signs of harmony, balance, happiness and holistic well-being. The conventional  medicine view of good health is an absence of any signs of obvious illness. In contrast, the natural holistic view of good health views well-being in terms of the optimum balance of mind, body and spirit. In the holistic model of health the right time to seek help is at the first signs of unusual feelings or observations about one's self. These are often ignored yet are warning signs of imbalance and potential health problems to follow. These can range from lack of energy, interrupted sleeping patterns, skin, weight and emotional problems to difficulties with mobility, digestion, circulation and fertility.
The following list characterises holistic good female health and wellbeing:
  • You have plenty of energy and feel positive about life and yourself
  • Your stature is erect and held with ease
  • Your appetite is normal and you are hungry in the mornings
  • Your desire for fluids is balanced, it increases in hot weather and with exercise and the preference is for fluids which are neither too hot or too cold
  • Your skin is clear, smooth, and lustrous and warm to touch, firm and slightly moist
  • You are within the normal weight range for your height (BMI between 20 and 25)
  • Your sleep is fulfilling, uninterrupted, not dream disturbed and you wake refreshed
  • Your mind is quick, alert, imaginative and your memory is good
  • Your emotions are balanced and even. There is not too much anger, joy, fear, anxiety, worry, impulsiveness or procrastination
  • Your limbs move easily, without discomfort or stiffness and with strength and precision
  • Your blood vessels can be seen on the skin surface and are neither too deep nor do then bulge out
  • Your hair is lustrous, shiny, neither too thin or too thick. It grows in the correct places and not where hair is not normally present on a female. It is not prematurely grey or falls out in the shower
  • Your digestion, bowel evacuation and urination all occur without any discomfort
  • You have good circulation, feel neither cold or hot most of the time or continually have cold hands or feet, no pins and needles or numbness
  • Your bodily excretions (sweat, urine, faeces, saliva and vaginal discharge) are normal consistency, colour and do not have a strong or unpleasant odour
  • Your menstrual cycle is regular (25-35 days between periods), with a menstrual flow of between 5-7 days and without excessive discomfort. The flow is red (not brown, purple or black) and with no clots
  • You have no inter-menstrual (between periods) spotting or spotting or pain after intercourse
  • You have no prolonged increasing abdominal pain and no recurrent or prolonged vaginal bleeding or discharge
  • When you plan to have a family, you conceive within 6 months of unprotected intercourse (age 16-30) or 12 months (age 30-45)
  • If your pregnant you have no abdominal cramping, fever or vaginal spotting or odour



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